All individuals or schools interested in joining the United Martial Arts Society please mail your membership application and fees to the UMAS office. Your regional directors will than contact you to introduce themselves and to further assist you. You may also contact your Regional Director for any questions you may have about membership.

Steps to joining the UMAS

1. Send individual membership application and fees

2. If you are applying for instructor/Master Certification send application and fees

3. Enclose copy of your rank that you are applying to the UMAS

4. Enclose passport photos

5. Send all documents to the UMAS office

6. Please make checks out to Master Troy Smith (not UMAS)

All belt testing question may be directed to the UMAS main office or by your Regional Director.

Responsibility of Your Regional Director

1. Coordinate training sessions in your Region

2. Coordinate Black Belt testing for your Region

3. Host annual seminar with Grandmaster Smith for your Region

4. Handle questions regarding membership, charters and testing.

5. To make sure all the guidelines are being followed according to the UMAS

6. To act as a voice for your Region

Membership Application

School Charter Application

Master/Instructor Application

Dan Application

Gup/Kyu Application

Kukkiwon Application